the company.

Two mates began a small building company with a no-nonsense adherence to high standards: houses had to be durable, affordable and enjoyable. Now, twenty years later, they direct over thirty team members and have succeeded in creating a wholly innovative and effective company. And they’ve done it with little fanfare – simply relying on word of mouth from their many satisfied clients.

Friends at school, on the league field and in a successful business partnership, Craig Feutz and Barry Goldsmith know the importance of working well in a team and keeping an eye on the big picture. For F&G Builders that means providing a down-to-earth and client-focused level of service.

The team understands work must go above and beyond and, with a strong work ethic and unflagging enthusiasm, always aim to exceed client expectations. The result? Work that’s delivered on time and on budget, leaving clients on top of the world.




“I’m a firm believer in a hands-on approach to project management and as such am always ready to chat about any aspect of a build. It’s the best way to identify any problems – and quickly solve them.”

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